What is My Club?

We have found that when it comes to small - medium sizes clubs it can be hard to run and maintain a club shop where supporters, friends and family can purchase official team apparel. We have taken away all the headaches that come with it and will list all your products for free on teambag.co.uk

How does it work?

You pay an initial fee of £40 as a setup charge. In this set up you get;

  • This includes the digitisation of your club logo
  • Photography of products for website
  • Photo editing
  • Club bio

What does Teambag.co.uk do for My Club?

We purchase all the stock and manufacture to order whats required and aim to deliver within 7 days.

What types of Apparel can we have?

We have a range of items that you can choose from but we find that with most clubs they choose the official club polo's, training tops, waterproofs and replica kit.

How much can my Club make?

This possibilities really are up to yourself, whilst we provide the platform, the professional service ande delivery of goods the marketing is down to yourself and your club. Of course where we can help we will.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

NO - This is the unique factor about teambag.co.uk we only charge to set you up in the first instance and then after that all you need to do is let everybody know where to buy. This charge includes your official club crest to be digitised and ready to embroider on receipt of order.

Whats the catch?

NONE - We want to help you become a bigger club and that can come in the form of professional management of your club kits, apparel and merchandise.